6 reasons for having an office in the garden… Phoenix Timber Buildings and Offices

Here are some reasons why it makes sense to have a #gardenoffice ...

  1. a better use of space so that you don’t use up space in your home
  2. a space away from the home (avoids family interference)
  3. can enhance the value of your house
  4. save on travel, parking and rental costs
  5. make a statement to your clients that you take your work seriously enough to invest in a Phoenix Timber Building. So they should invest in you!!

Case Study: Sue Kent  goes to college studying fashion and textiles. She has lots of projects which involve sewing and the use of a range of different material. She had nowhere to store them and so she wanted an office to use and it is still close to the family home. She wants to start her own business when she finishes college  view here ______________________________________________________

Farnham Show Site:
Phoenix Timber Buildings
The Sales Office 70 Wrecclesham Hill Farnham, Surrey , GU10 4JX Tel: 01252 712 227

Starting your own business? Thinking about an office? STOP! Why not use your garden space…

Many people who are starting a new business or who are self employed, or who are freelance professionals  are choosing to have an area dedicated to their profession in their gardens! By installing a garden office in their own garden, they have an easily accessible and clearly defined space to work.

Financial benefits:

  • save on the cost of high office rentals
  • save in petrol costs travelling to an office
  • save on parking fees in cities and tonws
  •  save on the costs of extending your home or convert your loft.
  • improve the value of your house in some situations
  • define your ‘working’ space

Tax advantages: 

  •  some employers choosing to purchase your garden office for you via ‘Salary Sacrifice’.
  • In some cases you can offset your garden office against Corporation Tax,

Case Study: Mike Grayson retired and started a small garden furniture maintenance business. He wanted somewhere he could work from home but he needed some space to carry out his repairstherefore, we created this garden office combined with a workshop.


Farnham Show Site:
Phoenix Timber Buildings
The Sales Office 70 Wrecclesham Hill Farnham, Surrey , GU10 4JX Tel    01252 712 227

Would you pay £25,000 for a garden office? Come and see what is possible at Phoenix…

Well David Cameron did! Many people are looking at the idea of an #officeinthegarden  or a #gardenoffice and David Cameron has done it in style!

@phoenixbespoke have a wide range of #gardensheds and #gardenoffices in their showroom at Farnham. Open 7 days a week with a flexible way to choose YOUR onw style and build.

Add space and value to your home with our unique garden offices, beautiful garden rooms, stunning garden studios without the hassle of moving or the expense of an extension.

Case Study: Mrs Sims had a large collection of books and wanted a room in the garden overlooking the river to store the collection and to sit and enjoy them. The added benefit was freeing up space inside her house. See here…


BANK HOLIDAY WEEKND – come and see some of our exceptional timber buidings!!

If you have any questions about any of our Timber Buildings please call us on 01252 712227, or email us at info@phoenixtimberbuildings.co.uk

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