An extra space in the garden for your hobby or work??

We are all looking for more space in our homes as our families grow or as our relatives move in? So how can we use the space in our properties to accomodate this growth? One way is to look to your garden with #gardenoffices, studios or granny annexes. Phoenix Timber Buildings prodvide a wide range of options …

Case Study: Jane is a member of the Farnham Art Group and she needed a studio for her passion for painting.. She wanted a studio that had a veranda with a clear polycarbonate roof, so on the not so sunny days here in the UK, or when it was raining for a change, she could work outside in a covered area, with  a couple of the other members from the art group. View our solution here…

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Hello April – Time to get out in the garden – Are you ready??

Lo! where the rosy-bosom’d Hours, 
Fair Venus’ train appear, Disclose the long-expecting flowers,
And wake the purple year!” said Thomas Gray

We may not be poets be we can help you to enjoy your garden ! COme and have a look at our timber buildings… Summer Houses, Garden Offices and workshops  Phoenix Timber Buildings

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Smile . . . it’s a Phoenix timber building…

Add space and value to your home with our unique timber buildings –  beautiful garden rooms, garden offices, stunning garden studios, traditional timber garages, sturdy workshops and good-looking sheds.

Enhance your lifestyle without the hassle of moving or the expense of an extension. Click here for more ideas …

If you have any questions about any of our Timber Buildings please call us on 01252 712227, or email us at

5 uses of your Garden Summer House

Premium SummerHouseHere is how you can transform your garden Summer House into your little haven:
1. Hobby room – carrying out such activities in your own home can have restricted measures. A Summer House can give you the extra space to relax in a quiet.
2. Children’s play area– If you need your home back due to the children taking over with their toys, a separate space may be the answer!
3. Games room – If you are a ping pong or pool player, a garden summer house may be the perfect place to have one of these. Usually a ping pong or pool table can take up a whole room in your home, so a separate space for this is a good option.
4. Yoga or Gym room – if you carry out a hobby like yoga or want to keep in shape a yoga or gym garden room may be the perfect solution.
5. Home cinema – if like enjoying a film and your garden in the same time then a home cinema for your family and friends may be ideal for you.

The ultimate in build quality! Pick any building from our ‘Premium’ range for added strength and quality.
Our premium summerhouse is constructed with upgraded 50x75mm (3″x 2″) framework which makes the building stronger and far more rigid. This is exceptionally useful if you ever plan to insulate and line your summerhouse, as it will provide a bigger cavity enabling you to install thicker insulation.
Buildings in our premium range also feature a stronger floor. The standard floor is replaced by one that is constructed with 38x75mm (3″x 1½”) framing and sturdier 25mm (1″) tongue & groove floor boarding. This is great if you plan to furnish your summerhouse or store heavy items during the winter months.
In addition, our premium summerhouse is taller than our standard model. The external walls are 174mm (7″) higher to provide further internal headroom and a more spacious interior.

For more information visit or call us on 01252 712227

Ex-Demo Wooden Building Sale – Up to 25% Discount!

Grab yourself a bargain in our ex-demo building sale and save up to 25% off list price. These buildings sell quickly so don’t wait – call us now before they’re all gone.

Here’s what we have left in stock:

  • 5ft x 4ft Pent Shed – £470
  • 8ft x 6ft Pent Shed – £760
  • 10ft x 6ft Pent Shed – £887
  • 12ft x 6ft Pent Shed – £1,017

Built to last, our pent sheds are ideal for storage of bicycles or the garden tools. All our buildings are constructed entirely from PAR timbers (plained all round) eliminating the use of sawn. All windows are beaded and then sealed with silicon for additional weather protection.

Ex-demo 14ft x 14ft Shiplap Office – Price £10,216

This is a shell building only and to have the building insulated, lined and plastered would be an extra cost.This building does include the following:

  • Grey Felt Tiles
  • White Square Guttering
  • 5 Year Superior Exterior Finish in Ivory
  • (2) 6ft Cottage Windows
  • (2) 2ft Cottage Windows
  • 4ft Cottage Window
  • 1 Cottage Door
  • 6ft x 4ft Entrance Alcove
  • Tanalised Subframe

If you would like to find out more information about our sale contact us at | 01252 712 227 alternatively visit our website

The Benefits of Working from Home

Working from home - Garden OfficeMore and more people are working from home, avoiding traffic grid lock or the constant train delays and overcrowding. Working from home is one of the great social phenomena in UK today. A quarter of UK population, are working at dining room tables and in bedrooms  all over the country. Ever wish you had an extra room in your home? Our versatile garden office buildings and studios are a great way to add space and value to your property.  A Phoenix office in the garden provides the perfect solution.

Garden OfficeAlso studies have shown that working from home in a garden office or studio allows employees to work extra hours without the stress and strain caused by a daily commute to work. Working from home in a garden studio can increase productivity and the health of employees. If you are planning to open your own business besides the advantage of being your own boss, working from home in a garden office can save you money on rent and can add the value to your property too.

Use it as an office to work from home, a games room, studio, or music room; the possibilities are endless. Create an extra room, adding value and desirability to your property, at a cost that is cheaper than an extension.

For more information visit or call 01252 712227.

What should you consider when buying a wooden building?

Things tyo consider when you are buying a garden shed of wooden builgin –

1. Quality timber

The better the quality of the timber the  longer the building will last. Phoenix Timber Buildings use quality 4th redwood timber, which is a higher grade than most other manufacturers. It has minimal imperfections compared with its white wood counterpart, and all our wood comes from well managed, sustainable forests.

2. High specification & strength
If your building is built to high specification it will last longer – Our buildings are of the highest specification around. The uprights are spaced close together for added strength (no more than 450mm (1’6”) apart on the floor, and 600mm (2’) on the walls). The building boasts an extremely sturdy roof thanks to the use of substantial timbers and our unique roof design. All our buildings are constructed entirely from PAR timbers (planed all round) eliminating the use of sawn. Click here for further specs for Phoenix Timber Buildings

3. Gutter-ready roof design
Very often the gutter is dismissed or not installed to the correct specification – The side of the roof is finished with a flat fascia and drip rail for the easy attachment of guttering.

4. Heavy duty felt
Our buildings are supplied with heavier weight 38kg green mineral felt as standard, which can provide weather protection for in excess of 5 years.

Dealing direct with us the manufacturer
You not only cut out the middle man, ensuring more
of your money goes into the product, but you get the flexibility to alter virtually any aspect of the building design, just ask! (See a few of our custom designs on adjacent pages).

Take a look at our brochures or call us direct for a quick chat – 01252 712 227

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