Now is the time to plan for next summer …. As the days get darker – let’s think about next summer

Wooden Summer HouseThere are numerous advantages to investing in summer houses and some of the benefits are as follows:
A space to relax – A summer house can give you more space and is perfect as a relaxing room away from the hustle of the house to take pleasure in reading a good book or simply enjoy a bottle of wine in your garden getaway;
A place to entertain – summer houses are perfect for entertaining friends or family, whether you cook a barbeque for them or just savour some drinks;
A keep safe from the sun and rain – summer houses are fantastic investments as they provide you with a space to enjoy your garden, whatever the weather.
Adds value to your property ;

A Phoenix summerhouse will make a beautiful addition to any home. What better way to spend those long summer nights than in the garden?

The uprights are spaced close together for added strength (no more than 450mm (1’6”) apart on the floor, and 600mm (2’) on the walls). The building boasts an extremely sturdy roof thanks to the use of substantial timbers and our unique roof design. All Phoenix Timber Buildings are constructed entirely from PAR timbers (planed all round) eliminating the use of sawn. All windows are beaded and then sealed with silicon for additional weather protection.


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